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Renault Service Plans at Savilles Garage

What is a service plan?

A Renault service plan* will cover your Renault’s minimum maintenance programme** for the term of the plan purchased. This will enable you to budget for the future cost of your routine servicing, while ensuring your vehicle is maintained by a Renault technical expert. For the ultimate convenience, you can purchase a Renault service plan* with a one-off payment (or monthly instalments†) to make sure your Renault is in good hand for the next 3 or 4 years. It really is the hassle-free way to take care of your Renault.

What are the benefits of a Renault Service Plan*?

Inflation-proof servicing; You know exactly what you'll pay and there are no hidden costs.
Full peace of mind. No matter where life takes you, we'll be there.
Renault expertise. Our highly trained technicians know your Renault inside and out.

What are our current service plan offers?

We have a range of service plans to meet the needs of practically all of our customers. Here is a list of our most popular offers;

Passenger car offers

  • 3 year/30,000 miles from £299††
  • 4 year/40,000 miles from £499††

LCV (Trafic and Master) 

  • 3 year/42,000 miles from £200
  • 4 year/66,000 miles from £510

Kangoo Z.E.

  • 3 year/42,000 miles from £182
  • 4 year/66,000 miles from £616

To establish the plan available for your vehicle, please click on 'Buy a service plan' and enter your registration number.

Speak to your local Renault Dealer for more information on these plans or a price for a time and mileage profile that best meets your needs.

What the service plan covers:

1st year service - 12 months / 18,000 miles

Replacement of the cabin filter, A Service checks

2nd year service - 24 months / 18,000 miles 

Drain the engine oil, Replace the oil filter, B Service checks

3rd year service -36 months / 18,000 miles (36 months / 72,000 miles for brake fluid replacement)

Everything from your first service plus: Replace the brake fluid

4th year service - 48 months / 18,000 miles (48 months / 36,000 miles for air filter and spark plugs replacements)

Everything from your second service plus: Replacement of the air filter and replacement the spark plugs